Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense

Receiving a telephone call informing you that your child is in police custody can be overwhelming. What you do next may have an effect on your child’s entire future. You need to consult legal counsel as soon as possible.

At the office of Michael Crowder Law, PLLC, Mr. Crowder uses his experience as a former Texas Peace Officer to help him make decisions as an attorney. He knows there are alternative solutions to detention that are designed to rehabilitate minors. All of us at Michael Crowder Law act with compassion and work for the best possible outcome for your child, whether that includes getting the charges dismissed, entering him or her into a diversion program, working for probation, or any other possible resolution.

If a juvenile case is handled incorrectly, minors may suffer serious consequences in their adult life such as difficulty in finding a job, purchasing or renting a home, or voting in elections. They may be barred from pursuing some careers.

If your child is having legal issues, contact us at Michael Crowder Law, PLLC, as soon as possible. Our office is located in Denton County in Lewisville, Texas. We also serve those in Flower Mound, Carrollton, and Dallas County.

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