Domestic Violence

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

Denton County Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight to Dismiss or Minimize Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges and accusations of spousal abuse, child abuse or domestic assault can affect every aspect of your life. These charges may separate you from your family, destroy your reputation and your career prospects may vanish with a criminal record. Additionally, you risk jail time, fines and the possibility of a restraining order or protective order against you.

False accusations of domestic violence are common when family law or child custody rulings are up in the air. If you have children and are in the process of filing for divorce in Texas, domestic violence charges can influence your custodial and visitation rights.

The Denton County criminal defense attorneys of Michael Crowder Law are prepared to help you fight domestic violence charges, so you may avoid the damaging repercussions of a conviction. Available 24/7, our criminal attorneys in Lewisville TX use their former experience working as police officers to combat false domestic violence charges for clients in and around Double Oak, Little Elm, Farmers Branch as well as other cities around Corinth.

With our focus on providing aggressive and cost-effective solutions for our clients, we also have many years of combined legal knowledge assisting clients from Irving, Plano, Arlington and the bigger Texas cities surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No domestic violence case is too small or too complex for our Denton County criminal defense law firm.

Our Legal Services for Spousal Abuse and Domestic Violence Charges

We believe that a smaller firm can better address the personal issues that arise in criminal defense cases, particularly those related to domestic violence charges. Our Denton County criminal lawyers offer a free consultation if you face:

  • Domestic violence protective order violation: If your spouse obtained a temporary restraining order against you, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to help you get back into your home.
  • Spousal abuse allegations: If your spouse is threatening you with criminal accusations in an attempt to intimidate you so that you will not fight for custody, talk to our criminal law attorney to learn about your legal options.
  • Protective order violations: After accusations of violating the terms of a protective order, we can help.

What are Types of Domestic Violence Charges Under Texas Law? First, Know What Your Charges Are.

Domestic violence is a form of assault. It intends to harm family members, a current or previous spouse, partner or household members. Under the domestic violence laws in Texas, common charges include:

  • Domestic assault is when a family member, household member or partner has been intentionally injured, threatened or subjected to other inappropriate acts of physical contact (pushing, provoking confrontation). When such behavior is aimed at a spouse, this is known as spousal abuse.
  • Aggravated domestic assault is if someone has intentionally caused serious physical harm to a family member, member of the household or partner. If a child is injured, this is an act of child abuse. Aggravated domestic assault also includes the use or threat of a weapon during the alleged incident.
  • Continuous violence against the family occurs when a defendant has obtained two or more domestic violence charges within a twelve-month period.

If you know that the accusations of domestic violence are false, reach out to our Denton County criminal lawyers to begin building a legal defense. We work on getting the charges dismissed or minimized.

Punishment for a Domestic Violence Conviction

Penalties for domestic violence charges vary under Texas criminal law depending on the severity of the incident:

  • First-time offenders could serve up to one year in jail and pay up to $4,000 in fines.
  • Repeated domestic violence offenses are felonies—punishable by up to ten years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.
  • An aggravated domestic assault charge could cost you up to 20 years in prison.
  • Domestic violence charges involving use of a deadly weapon are punishable by up to 99 years in prison.

You may have to pay damages to the victim for emotional trauma. In addition, you may have to leave your home after someone files an emergency protective order against you.

As with most criminal convictions, a domestic violence conviction means you have an accessible criminal record. This then carries the potential to ruin your reputation and livelihood. The Denton County criminal defense attorneys of Michael Crowder Law, P.L.L.C. understand the impact domestic violence charges and convictions can have on the lives of those accused. Thus, we work to provide you with the legal defense and guidance necessary to challenge such a conviction.

What is a Texas Domestic Violence Protective Order?

The courts often issue emergency protective orders after a domestic violence arrest and can:

  • Order you to vacate your home for 31-61 days
  • Ban you from being in possession of a firearm or other weapons
  • Forbid you from being within a certain proximity of the protected person’s home or work. Additionally, if you have children with the protected person, you may not go near their schools and childcare centers.

Protective order violations are criminal offenses punishable by jail time and fines. Call our Denton County TX criminal lawyers if you have questions regarding protective order violations. We can also defend against additional criminal charges and jail time.

Criminal Attorneys Near Dallas Provide Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Our Denton County criminal defense attorneys aggressively investigate all events leading up to your arrest for domestic violence. This includes interviewing witnesses involved in a case as well as looking closely at the police’s statements regarding your arrest.

Our primary focus is on getting the domestic violence charges dismissed. Alternatively, we want to minimize potential consequences regarding a conviction. Reach out to our Denton County criminal lawyers by calling (940) 202-8304. We offer a free initial consultation. We have an experienced domestic violence lawyer at our criminal defense law firm who is ready to help.

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